Coming Soon

Looking forward to new models arriving throughout 2020. It is an exciting time to be involved with this great hobby. Gel blasters are going ahead in leaps and bounds and we are sure that 2020 will bring us some new and excellent blasters with performance out of the box like we haven’t seen before. Keep checking back on this page for updates as I secure stock of new blasters.

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LDT MP5 – $330.00

11.V Battery, Metal Gears, Hop-up, Carry Bag, Drum mag.

XYL ARP9 V2 – $260

Version 2 with faster motor & upgraded mosfet board.

WELLS M406 – $185

CQB Version 64cm, 480 motor.

BF MK14 – $180

BY MAC10 – $110

JM AK74U J12 – $165

JY AWM – $240

JM HK416C J13 – $160

HW Glock X1 Auto Pistol Drum Version – $100

HW Glock X1 Auto Pistol Mag Version – $95