SHS Gearbox Shim Set

9 X 0.2mm Gold Circle Shims
9 X 0.15mm Silver Circle Shims
9 X 0.1mm Octagon Shims

You might think all shim sets are the same. One brand to the next; it just doesn’t make a difference. You’re wrong. SHS used creativity when they designed their shim set. Have you every went through all your shims trying to find the shim size your looking for? It can become annoying. However, SHS has solved your problem. Each SHS shim size has distinguishing characteristics so you don’t get confused. The slimmest shim of 0.1mm is shaped as an octagon instead of the standard circle. SHS gold colored the thickest 0.2mm shim, and the 0.15mm size is your standard looking shim


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