WarInterest LDT V2 Nylon Gearbox v3.0 (Metal Gears)

Warinterest LDT V2 Nylon gearbox Version 3.0 with Metal gears, is the next level upgrade from your standard gearbox in your Ldt Hk416 or Ldt Mp5.

  • High adaptability and versatility, suitable for BD556 Nylon Receiver/LDT HK416 Receiver
  • High durability, multiple internal reinforcement design, Metal gears, brass cylinder with straight lubrication + heat sink, anti-off nut design, farewell silk, silver plated wire + ,smaller resistance, more bearing current
  • Standard V2 Gearbox shape, support for recoil kit and return kit, replaceable upgrade V 2 gel Blaster accessories, reinforced nylon gearbox

NOTE: This will not fit J9  M4 receivers without some modification


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